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Суперзвездата НАСИРИ 2


Стартът на клипа, който в оригиналната си версия продължава 12 минути

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Elyza 06.05.2016 17:12ч.

I pre ordered your book from Amazon, actually, I preordered two books! One for me, and since I am co-hosting an Airstream Rally, one for my co-host. I love everything MaryJane, read all your books often, and have been a farmgirl all my life. I have an Airstream, Trixie, and glamp around with her once or twice a month now that the kids are gone. I know by reading your new book I will be inspired and full of ideas for even more gl!mipnga!!

Jenaya 06.05.2016 11:23ч.

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Idalia 03.05.2016 20:39ч.

Welcome Pauline and Brenda R to our clay family. You are going to love it here. Enjoy the tuaoritls and if you need anything just ask- someone will help.

Tassilyn 03.05.2016 15:05ч.

We’ve been doing &#trestric8ive218217; eating for a few months now as a family in an attempt to try and figure out if our son is gluten intolerant/Celiac or if it’s something else entirely, but kind of fell off the wagon over the holiday weekend (damn you pumpkin pie!). We are generally healthy eaters (not to an insane degree though), so it can suck at times, but in the end health and how you feel is what matters most. Good luck with your whole 30 experiment & hopefully you’ll be able to learn more about what it is that has been causing you problems.

evbjaro 06.03.2013 05:39ч.

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